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"Purr-Fectly Exotics" is a small, cageless 'cattery' specializing in home-raised, healthy and playful  Exotics , both the Shorthair and the Longhair variety. Our cats and kittens are selected for and raised to have loving and endearing expressions to match their charming personalities. We strive to breed quality kittens that have a typey face without the problems associated with "extreme". We sometimes will offer kittens of show potential and breeder quality. Pet quality kittens available with spay or neuter agreement.


If you love Persians but don't want all of the work associated with them, you will LOVE the Exotic - sometimes called a Persian in Pyjamas!

"Exotics have all the qualities and personality of the Persian and more, without the demanding coat care of the Persian. They are often referred to as "the lazy man's Persian". The easy-going Exotic Shorthair is an affectionate, gentle cat with the quiet manners of the Persian. Quietly endearing, Exotics request your attention with an irresistible gaze and then hug you when you pick them up. They will follow you from room to room in order to be near you and then jump in your lap for a nap when you settle down to read a book.

Their shorthaired ancestors have given them a love of play and they will jump to catch a toy or sit studying how to get the toy you put out of reach before they were finished playing. Simple things amuse them whether it is chasing paper balls around the house or watching water drip out of a tap. While seen but rarely heard, the Exotic has a soft voice and has a vocabulary of chirping sounds. Although sweet and peaceful, Exotics still have an intelligent curiosity that makes them a joy to be around and since they are so easy-going they get on well with children and other pets."

Our own Exotics spend hours enticing our Boxer puppies to play and wrestle with them.  They think up their own games and can entertain themselves for hours if necessary.  They learn their own names and many other words readily - including "treat" or as I call it "cookie".  They are all hooked on "NOW!" grain free Treats, and come racing each other when I ask 'who wants a cookie?"